About High Fidelity Coffee

High Fidelity is a family owned business in Petaluma, CA.  We roast coffee and deliver it fresh to our club customers in Sonoma County.  Club members can select weekly or monthly deliveries.

Our member’s coffee is delivered in glass jars.  The empty jars are picked up at the next delivery.  This is not only better for the environment it also helps keep the beans fresh.  The goal of our coffee club is to provide high quality coffee that is free of modern human slavery – Fair Trade.

What Is Fair Trade?   fair trade is a labeling certification put on food and other products guaranteeing that they were not made in a sweat shop or by slave labor.  A fair trade label ensures that farmers and producers are receiving a fair and livable wage and are working in safe conditions

Fair Trade is a comprehensive approach to sustainable development that supports farmers with quality improvement, environmental stewardship, business capacity training, access to credit, and community development funds to help improve lives. Consumers are increasingly looking for the credibility of third-party certification to provide assurance that their coffee has been ethically and sustainably sourced.