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The dry fragrance has a candied nut smell to it, like praline almond or peanut. It’s sweet, and expounded with hot water. A scent of currant and cinnamon is in the wet coffee too, and dark roasts have a smell of pumpkin pike filling. There’s a simplicity to the cup, and it is focused around flavors of brown sugar, caramel, and cocoa (especially in the finish). The milky body is pleasing and conveys this sweetness well. There’s a black tea note as well that also defines the mild acidity. Dark roasts have a bit of black walnut and raisin. This coffee is versatile in the roaster and cups well from City to Full City and beyond.

The Central Agricultural Cooperative of the Sandia Valley (CECOVASA) was founded in 1970 by five cooperatives to export directly together and thus obtain better prices and cost sharing. The group now has 5,325 cooperative producers. CECOVASA exports more than 75% of the coffee produced in the Inambari and Tambopata Valleys on the southeastern slopes of the Peruvian Andes.

This particular lot “PC01414” comes from the CEPROCEC cooperative. CEPROCEC includes 579 families and is located in Yanatile District, Calca Province in the Department of Cusco.

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Burindi Teka is a floral coffee with great sweetness and fruit notes. Spiced apple cider (mulling spice) and caramel set the tone for Teka in the dry fragrance. Caramel sweetness permeates the crust, while the same sweet baking spice and creme caramel appear on the break. Apple-like brightness (malic acidity) continues to dominate the cup profile of Teka with both red apple and pear. The sweetness is more akin to Asian pear, and as the cup cools more like ripe black cherry. A darker roast level shows more of the toasted almond, caramel and cream notes with acidity more like hibiscus or rose. Teka’s finish is extremely clean and pleasantly dry like black tea. We pulled some really beautiful unblended espresso shots from it, loaded with dark berry, black currant and tea notes.


El Salvador

From the ground coffee, the fragrance ranges from malted milk to hazelnuts and cocoa powder. There’s much in the way of toasted sugar along with hints of cinnamon. The wet aroma is very sweet with caramel and butter scents emerging, slight red apple notes and mulling spices. It’s a very rounded and balanced aromatic image, which suggests the old Bourbon cultivar that comprises most of this coffee. The cup taste stays true to the aromatics; rounded and balanced, with a thick and syrupy body. There are delicious cocoa chocolate notes that combine well with almond roast tones. A mild red apple sweetness lurks behind the roast notes, and fades to cocoa-dusted nut tones in the finish. While balanced as drip or press coffee, Tablon Tempisque is really intense and wonderful as espresso. I made SO espresso shots from City+ to FC+ roasts and found it performed well all along the spectrum. Classic espresso flavors of chocolate bittersweets have a nice bright note, gingerbread spice flavors. 

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